Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook - A Must-Read!

- for complete information about The Colorado Mountain Ranch Summer Day Camp.

Download and keep this document as a reference throughout the summer.

Quick Answers


Registration is online: See our Camp Registration Page for details. You may send the Immunization and Medication forms later. These are due before your child attends.

BE SURE that your child knows which Camp program you choose each week.

Are there early registration discounts?

For those who PAY IN FULL at the time of registration before midnight on December 10, there is a $40 per week per child discount. Before January 10, there is a $30 per week per child discount. And before February 10, there is a $20 per week discount.

Are there discounts for multiple children or multiple weeks?

There is a one-time-per-family-per-summer Registration Fee which is not required again for additional campers or weeks added to the Family Account.

What should I expect at North Boulder Park each day?

Always sign in first at the check-in tables. The lines for the clipboards are separated alphabetically. On Mondays, please introduce your child to one of the nearby Welcoming Staff members who will tell you and your camper more about what to expect upon arrival at the Ranch. At the Park, there are also play activities within the supervised Circle of Safety each morning and afternoon.

North Boulder Park:

  • Our staff and busses are at The Park at approximately 7:45 each morning.
  • Have your child at the park no later than 8:10 am.
  • Every Child Must Be Signed In and Out!
  • In the afternoon we arrive at 4:30 with supervision until 5:15.
  • Please ALWAYS leave the park side of Dellwood open for the busses!

Summer Camp

Note to All Campers: What to Bring!

Every Day - All campers in every program need to bring: Long pants, socks and shoes (no sandals, please), a light jacket or sweatshirt (no matter how hot it is in Boulder), water bottle, sunscreen, lunch, and other snacks, if desired. Day packs help children keep their things together. Label everything.

Horse Focus Riders - Bring everything on the Every Day list, plus a rain jacket and pants (not a poncho) and a water bottle that attaches around the waist or a Camelback. Long pants and long socks are a must for all horseback riding. If you have a helmet or boots that you would like to bring, please mark them, and you may keep them in the barn for the week.

Mountainboarders - Yep, everything above, and you must wear long pants and shoes that lace while boarding. Although The Ranch provides boards and all necessary safety equipment, you may bring your own, if you would like. please mark it with your name, and you may leave it at the Course for the week.

Water Focus Campers - Also bring your bathing suit and towel every day.

Summer Camp


Tuition is due Monday of each week that your child attends. If we do not receive payment by the time your child attends camp, we will charge your balance to the card on file. If your child stays for an overnight, we will charge your credit card the day after the overnight or campout.


If you have paid in full and need to cancel, we will refund everything except the $50 Registration Fee and the $75 Weekly Deposit(s). Registration Fees and Deposits are transferable, subject to availability.

Enrollment Details:

Children may enroll one week or more. Sorry, no daily rates or make-up days.


Please call us any time! If you send us anything by fax or email that isn't acknowledged within one day, please call to check to be sure that we received it.

  • Phone: 303-442-4557
  • Email:
  • Fax: 303-417-9114