Adventure Day Camps

Variety! … The Adventure Day Camp Program is the perfect introduction for those going into grades 2-8 and for those who would like to participate in our whole array of camp activities. The Adventure Day Camp introduces first-time campers and those through age 13 to traditional summer camp at its best! Many children may prefer the chance for new adventures every day. Within the course of each week, the Adventure Day campers have the opportunity to participate in each activity at least once.

Camper Groups … Each group is arranged by age and length of enrollment for continuity within the group. Old friends are placed together, and those coming looking for new friends are grouped together for more opportunity to meet others. Each group has its own counselor who is always with the group, working closely with each child, guiding, supervising, participating and assisting the activity instructors.

Summer Camp

Activities … Each activity has its own specialized instructor or team of instructors who present safe, supervised and progressive instruction in a fun and supportive atmosphere.The activity ares are spread out around Main Camp and separated by a 1-5 minute walk across trails through meadows and forest.

Choice! … Adventure Campers may communicate to their counselor or directly to the schedule-maker about their personal favorites or request to repeat activities. We always try to personalize and keep the kids happy! Another way to individually choose from all the camp activities is during the extra-long free-choice activity time before dinner on the Thursday night overnights. (And of course, the Focus Camps offer more opportunity for specializing for those going into grades 8-11.)

Summer Camp

Teambuilding Challenge Low Ropes Course… Teambuilding is the foundation of all the programs at the Ranch. Campers expand their comfort levels as they open to accepting and supporting others as they themselves are accepted and supported. Warm-up games, initiatives, and more-complicated challenges await at the Teambuilding Challenge Low Ropes Course. These strengthen and test balance, confidence, trust, communication, and problem-solving skills. Campers accept and support each other's strengths and weaknesses as they work together. This is truly meaningful Fun! All ages of camper groups visit the Challenge Course at least once a week, and the older aged camper groups usually visit at least twice.

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Traditional Summer Camp Adventure Programs
and Skill-building Activities

Parents who went to camp as children will recognize the Colorado Mountain Ranch as traditional summer camp, with the same spirit and many of the same activities they may remember from their own camp experiences. It's always an adventure!

Horses... Perhaps the most iconic programs at Camp are based on our amazing horses. The authentic relationships built with horses by all ages of people are some of the most special connections ever.

Western Riding … Horseback riding in the Adventure program is the perfect way to start out with horses. Our horses are gentle and responsive, and they take care of first-time and less-experienced riders. Ride time includes group and individualized instruction and usually a trail ride through the meadows and forests of the Ranch premises. Campers model the wranglers to learn how to be kind to the horses, pay attention to how a horse communicates, and build a foundation for a trusting partnership with the horse.

CMR Horse Philosophy. To learn more about our philosophy and value of Horses in the Colorado Mountain Ranch children programs, read about the CMR Horse Focus Camp. This program becomes the aspiration of many children who are introduced to horses and riding in the Adventure Camp.

Horse and Animal Care...In addition to riding, Adventure campers also participate in Animal Care to experience hands-on about colors, breeds, tack, grooming, health care, daily maintenance of horses, goats, and minis.

Western Art - specifically drawing and painting horses - and Roping "cattle" with names like Bertha and Tofu, add to the agenda offered by the wranglers.

Gymnastics and Trampoline … Children explore their own strength and balance through the use of a variety of gymnastics apparatus. The session always begins with fun warm-up games, light stretching exercises, and spotting practice. The gymnastics instructors and counselors demonstrate and supervise various tricks on the mats, mini-tramp, balance beams and trampolines.

Archery … Hand-eye coordination improves as archers practice target shooting with bows and arrows. At the Archery Range, there are four lanes for four archers to work on their aim at a time. Those waiting their turn may play quiet games or work on crafts while the others are shooting. Wrist guards and bows for various pull strengths allow for comfort and success.

Summer Camp

Arts & Crafts …At the Arts & Crafts shop, a wide variety of art materials is always available for individual and group projects. Typical activities include sketching, painting, forming clay, and creating sculptures with paper, natural materials, and glue. Making decorations, costumes, and props for events and weekly themes is a favorite. Campers make meaningful creations using recycled materials and those found on nature walks.

Native American Indian Lore …At the Tipi on the hill facing the rising sun, campers discover first-hand the history and culture of mountain and plains Indian tribes. Games, legends, songs, dance, and crafts such as beading, braiding, and pictographs bring to life the way of life of the local Arapaho Indians and other tribes.

Nature and Hiking … Games and exercises heighten sensory awareness and less-structured explorations of the outdoors delight campers as they become aware of natural wonders. The Camp's mountain setting in the pine and aspen forests and wildflower meadows is rich in flora, fauna, geology, and weather systems. Our location at the northwest corner of the Fourmile Fire burn area gives children the chance to experience first-hand the ecological changes brought on by wildfire. Immersion in nature is basic to all other camp experiences. Weekly optional excursions to outlying natural features, streams, and lakes are a highlight.

Mining History … Our area on the ridge west of Gold Hill features abundant natural and cultural heritage. Since Boulder originally began as a supply town for the mining activities in the local mountains, the Gold Hill area is full of mining era reminders. In the forest just below the Archery Range, campers explore the grounds around the old Happy Thought Mine where they still shout 'Eureka!' when they find bits of fool's gold (iron pyrite).


Innovative Summer Camp Adventure Programs
and Skill-building Activities

Earth, Outdoor Living and Primitive Skills … As an extension of the Nature program, the Earth program, and Outdoor Living and Primitive Skills program find the Fun in building a sustainable future. These programs prepare campers for exploring, hiking, and camping in the Indian Peaks wilderness. Games and projects promote appreciation of the life systems and their elements - air, water, sun, and earth. Campers explore the value and learn the skills of recycling, maintaining ecosystems, living outdoors, and being "light on the land" as they prepare for wilderness experiences and have Fun! A favorite part of learning about survival and shelter is working on the shared Camp Community Fort in the nearby woods.

Eat Real! … Ever heard the expression, "You are what you eat"? Learn how to gather wild foods, grow hardy herbs and vegetables at altitude, and tend our friendly goats! Enjoy salads you grow organically yourself using compost for fertilizer and techniques such as companion planting to combat pests. Discover the value of using a cold frame to protect seedlings and extend the growing season.

Yoga... Campers are surprised to discover the fun of stretching into poses (often as animals), quietly reflecting, and playing movement games designed for children's yoga. The Harmony Hut is a beautiful place to slow down, set at the edge of a wildflower meadow which meets the birdsong-filled forest where a trickling stream emerges.

Mountainboarding … Imagine snowboarding on wheels down gentle dirt slopes and trails. Navigate over jumps to get some air. Learn to "powerslide" to a safe stop. Mountainboarding on the terrain park in the north forest of the Ranch is a thrill for all, and some campers become masters after just a few times on the hill. The rest of us just have a lot of fun!

Optional Thursday night overnights … Every week on Thursdays, campers may bring along their bedding and overnight things for a taste of resident camp. Before dinner in the main Lodge, campers have a choice of all the regular camp activities and some unique activity offerings, too. After dinner in the main Lodge dining room, the evening brings a special event with a theme, costumes, props, and appropriate activities. The excitement winds down at dark when the counselors gently settle the children into their bunks for lights out. On Friday, those who spent the night are served a scrumptious breakfast and lunch from the Camp Kitchen! The food and the activities are always a big hit with those who stay the night. Children who do not spend the night are transported to Boulder on the Camp Bus which stays on its usual schedule.