Trail Blazers!

Trail Blazers!
Grades 5-10

Do you love the outdoors? Through games and projects, you'll learn how to survive on your own while learning to respect and enjoy the wilderness. You'll grow in nature connection, ecological awareness, environmental appreciation, while developing primitive and outdoor living skills.

Special Events

Adventure!.. Gain historical and traditional perspective through Nature, Native American Indian Lore, Primitive Skills, and Outdoor Living skills. Practice the basics of using a camp stove and safe campfire building and maintenance. Learn firsthand how fire and other natural processes can contribute to the healthy evolution of ecosystems.Pitch a tent like a champ. Learn about GPS and the use of a map and compass in an orienteering treasure hunt. Practice low-impact camping and hiking skills, backcountry first aid, and what to do if lost. Learn outdoor cooking over a campfire and/or camp stove. Discover the uses of edible and medicinal native plants. Learn knot-tying and how to build a survival shelter. Become proficient at tracking wildlife.

Archery... Develop your aim with bow and arrow in the traditional target sport of archery. Choose to practice at the Archery Range a few times a week, if you'd like!

Get away!.. After two days of nature immersion while learning primitive and outdoor skills, light-on-the-land techniques, and wilderness history and ethics, you may head out on Wednesdays for a backcountry hike.You may find yourself along a high ridge with breathtaking vistas or following a trail by a flowing stream to an Indian Peaks Wilderness crystal-clear lake or rocky snow-patched peak.You’ll enjoy the opportunities the wilderness offers for quiet, solitude, wildlife sightings and sounds, and unconfined recreation in the high country to balance daily life.The U.S. Forest Service provides educational materials and special use Wilderness hiking permits.


Campouts: To put your practical skills to the test, Trailblazers and Earth campers may choose to camp out overnight under the moon and stars, often close enough to a stream to hear the babbling of the water over rocks. Look for the Trail Blazers Information Sheet by email early each week. Each camper brings their own sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, change of clothes, and one lunch for Wednesday. All other equipment and food are provided. Return to North Boulder Park at the regularly scheduled time the following day or spend the Thursday themed-night overnight in Camp, too!

Registration for Campouts: Early registration is not necessary. Just send your child with their overnight things and check in at the sign-in table at North Boulder Park.You may send a check or log into your online CMR account to pay the overnight fee. Your card will automatically be charged if your camper does spend the night(s).