Grades 5-10

Camp is the Place... Traditionally summer camps give young people the opportunity to immerse in the natural world. Exploring the natural balance of the earth in its support of the living systems of plants and animals is a basis for the summer camp experience. So, extending on this theme, The Colorado Mountain Ranch offers the focus program, Earth!

Now is the Time... Looking into the future of the earth can be exciting, and learning to live sustainably can be fun! Immerse in Earth activities -such a making a solar oven - to understand sustainability and its importance.

Sustainability... implies that systems can maintain themselves indefinitely. In today's world and into the future, this means using resources wisely, reusing, recycling and minimizing "ecological carbon footprints" by conserving fossil-fuel based products.

Counselor with Campers

Wise Use of Resources:

Eat Real! Ever heard the expression,"you are what you eat?" Learn how to gather wild foods, grow hardy organic vegetables and herbs at high altitude, and tend our friendly goats! Enjoy salads you grow organically yourself using compost for fertilizer and techniques such as companion planting to combat pests. Discover the value of using a cold frame to protect seedlings and extend the growing season.

The Sun... Learn about solar energy. See firsthand how the sun can be used to heat water and air. Build a solar voltaic model and analyze its efficiency. Bake cookies in a solar oven!

Wind... See how a wind mill can pump water and a wind turbine can make electricity.

Water... Learn how to conserve water in its daily uses. Discover the beauty and benefits of permaculture and xeriscape, sustainable landscaping techniques, building an earth spiralin a garden bed to conserve water.

Counselor with Campers

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle... Find ways to use less and re-use resources, not waste them. Use recycled materials such as toilet paper rolls, food cans,old water bottles, and oatmeal boxes for crafts projects. Help maintain the camp's system for recycling glass, metals, plastics, cardboard, and paper.

Walk!... Leave your own footprint by walking as much as you can as an alternative form of transportation. In town, ride your bike to wherever you need to go-school, the park, a friend's house, the store. Most of you already take the bus to camp so fewer cars are on the road. Explore all sorts of ways to get around that are more sustainable.

Green... If you want to have fun while developing a clearer understanding of what it means to be "green," then Earth! Focus is for you.

Days... round out with Challenge experiences and group choices from all the activities.

Optional Campouts: To put practical Primitive and Outdoor Living skills to the test, Trailblazers and Earth campers may choose to camp out on Wednesday nights under the moon and stars, often close enough to a stream to hear the babbling of the water over rocks. Look for the Trail Blazers and Earth Campers Information Sheet by email early each week. Campers bring their own sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, change of clothes, and one lunch for Wednesday. All other equipment and food are provided. Return to North Boulder Park at the regularly scheduled time the following day or spend the Thursday themed-night overnight in Camp, too!