Counselors in Training

CITs! Teen Leadership
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Grow Mentally!... Teenagers thrive on feeling important. At The Colorado Mountain Ranch, they not only feel like it, they really ARE stars! Teens work and play with peers in a fun, positive, wholesome, active outdoor setting. Workshops led by the CIT supervisor include values clarifications, team-building exercises, leadership skill seminars, and feedback sessions. Teens work directly with senior staff members as guides and mentors, learning to assist with group dynamics and to lead and teach activities to younger children.


Grow Physically, too!... In addition to gaining experience as leaders of young children, there are also opportunities for documented community service such as trail building, children's fort maintenance, and continued landscaping around the Ranch. CIT's also build team on the ropes course and help with some of the day-to-day ranch operations.

Grow Socially!... Along with their CIT supervisor, the teens explore pertinent social issues in small and large groups. They also choose recreational activities together just for fun.

Grow Emotionally!... Weekly hiking and campout outings give teens the opportunity to spend unstructured, yet supervised time together in the outdoors. While sharing camp chores and sitting around the campfire, stories and feelings often seem to flow freely.

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Optional overnight campouts are also offered for the Counselors-in-Training, usually on Wednesday nights. Look for the Campout Information Sheet sent home on Monday afternoons. Teens bring their sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, change of clothes and one lunch. All other equipment and food are provided. They may return to North Boulder Park at the regularly scheduled time the following day or choose to spend another night at the weekly Thursday night overnight that is open for all campers.


Registration for Campouts and Overnights. Early registration is not necessary. Just send your child with their overnight things. Your card will automatically be charged if your camper does spend the night(s).