Challenge Days

Available year round

teamwork! cooperation! balance! coordination! problem-solving!

A Teambuilding Experience on the Challenge Ropes Course at The Colorado Mountain Ranch.

For new groups, old groups, young groups, all groups! To function better, accomplish more, enjoy each other, and emerge happier!

Mountain Lodge Challenge

The Colorado Mountain Ranch features a low-ropes teambuilding Challenge Course in the forest, as well as portable field elements and initiatives. Enthusiastic facilitators offer a progressive experience in positive group dynamics.

Through a series of challenges, team members first get to know each other and feel comfortable in the new setting with warm-ups and non-competitive games.

Trust activities follow with introductions to safe spotting techniques and low initiatives, such as Circle of Friends, Human Knot, Teambuilding Trolleys and Mountain Peaks.

As the group begins to work together more smoothly, they move on into the course from one challenge element to the next. First come the Exchange and All Aboard, and then on to the Peanut Butter Pit, the Family Tree, Whale Watch, the Swinging Log, Spider Web, Triangle Traverse, the Mohawk, and finally the Teeter-Totter and the Up and Over.

Some higher-level problem-solving challenges are Nitro Transport, Traffic Jam, Perspectives, River Crossing and the Keypunch Number Game.

Mountain Challenge

To introduce each element, the facilitator outlines the expectations, goals and safety concerns. The group needs to assess, accept and support individual strengths and weaknesses while making a plan for completing the challenge. Upon completion, the facilitator leads a lively discussion appraising performance, feelings, and suggestions for translating the experience to benefit team members in the workplace, the family, school or sports team.

When a Challenge Day for a Family Group ends, it moves its members back into the day-to-day real world with newfound acceptance, comraderie and functionality. These are rewards worth well beyond the investment, and you'll laugh and have a spledid time along the way!