Mountain Challenge Days

Groups of up to 75 people

Expect Adventure. The Mountain Challenge Day is incredibly fun and an opportunity to explore outside the usual work, school, team, or family environment.

Welcome. We greet your group with old-fashioned friendliness. We provide healthy high-energy snacks, fresh drinking water, and a tasty lunch.

Mountain Lodge Challenge

Purpose of the Challenge Experience: to enhance teamwork, awareness of individual value, confidence, self- reliance, connection with others, value of group support, positive bonds of working relationships, community, and to have FUN!

Get Ready for:

  1. Three to six hours working through a progression of problem-solving initiatives and low ropes challenges.
  2. A fun perspective-expanding experience. For corporate groups, we offer further meeting options complete with snacks and a well-presented and tasty lunch buffet.
  3. Our experiential facilitators are adult teachers, professionals in learning theory and methodology.