Groups and Families

Activities for Groups and Families at The Colorado Mountain Ranch

The Colorado Mountain Ranch offers a whole array of exciting outdoor activities for groups and families.

Company Picnics.

Family Camp Day. Spend a day at Camp with your whole family enjoying the fun of all the activities, a hearty camp lunch, the beautiful mountain setting, and the enduring spirit of the Colorado Mountain Ranch Summer Camp!


Summer Mountain Day Events! The great folks at the Colorado Mountain Ranch can also arrange activities for families, friends and co-workers during company picnics, reunions, mountain events, or weddings. These include field games and initiatives, the archery range, and a small animal petting zoo. Corporate groups may hold meetings at the Ranch highlighted with recreational and team-building activities.

Mountain Challenge Days! Facilitated experiences on the Challenge Ropes Course are a fun way to enhance collaboration and mutual support within corporate work teams, school groups, sports teams, music groups, family groups, any group. Birthday party Fun!

An Exceptionally Memorable Family Day of Teambuilding in the Mountains! Local families and family groups on the road traveling together have found the Mountain Challenge Day to be well worth the day trip into the mountains from Boulder. Now enjoy the delights of this special opportunity designed especially for families! Read on...


Family Challenge! Spend a unique half-day or full day with your nuclear family or extended family sharing the meaningful fun and adventure of problem-solving together and meeting Challenges on our team-building low ropes course. Explore the dynamics of your family team as you playfully interact together. The progression of games, initiatives and ropes challenges with our perceptive Challenge facilitators will awaken and heighten awareness of your own and other family members strengths as well as support for personal areas of challenge. You'll realize how to listen to each other better and accept and support each other. As you climb the Family Tree, level the Whale Watch, or squeeze together on the All-Aboard, expect to surprise yourself with your thinking, balance, strength and stamina beyond your own expectations. You'll develop more understanding and discover more light-hearted ways to live and work together as a happier, high-functioning family!

Summer-Fall Mountain Retreats and Reunions! The Ranch Lodge, dormitory-style cabins, and grounds may be reserved for retreats or reunions of 50-150 people. Our season for residential retreats runs from the middle of August through the end of September.

Year-round Day and Evening Events! Teambuilding Challenges, Parties, and Intimate Dinners in Our Historic Ponderosa Pine Log Lodge.