Willy Wonnacott


CMR staff since 2017

Willy is joining us for his second full summer on staff. He has been busy working at Dagabi Cucina in Boulder and Spruce Confections. He has spent some time this past year working on his photography skills and hanging out with his friends. He also spent some quality time working at the Ranch helping Mike and even doing some office work!

Willy’s plan to make the world a better place is to treat everyone with a positive, welcoming, loving attitude. “One person at a time, the world will become a more positive, lovely place!”

Willy says, “I’ve been waiting all year to get back up here with you all! Can’t wait to see you!”

Willy’s favorite thing about Nature is the calm that comes over you when you have the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world and to disconnect from technology.