Sherise Brann


CMR staff since 2015

Sherise will be returning for her third season on staff. She has had an exciting year, where she began by spending a semester in Italy studying, and then returned to University of Hawaii to finish her degree and now holds a BA in Anthropology!

Sherise, wrangler and event creator for overnights, grew up coming to camp and spent her first summer on staff in 2015. She loved being a counselor and instructor just as much as being a camper. Sherise has been studying Environmental Policy and Anthropology at Fort Lewis College in Durango, where she loves exploring the San Juan Mountains.

Sherise plans to make the world a better place by practicing kindness. She is also studying to improve water quality and researching various cultures’ relationship and connection with water.

Sherise says to you: “Coming back to the ranch is just like coming home!"

Sherise’s favorite part of Nature is the Mountains.