Mike Walker


CMR staff since 1969

Mike has been a part of Camp for his entire life! Mike grew up at the Ranch as the son of founders Coach and Norma Walker. Since 1973, he has been one of the family triad of Camp directors who each lend unique perspective to relating to campers, parents, and all CMR operations. Mike manages the Ranch mountain facility and the horses year-round. Other horse people refer to Mike as “the best horseman” they know. One of Mike’s special gifts is sharing his horsemanship abilities with the campers. Growing up on the Ranch, he’s also become a fine craftsman, learning how to make things work from materials on hand since a trip to town for supplies compromises money for kids’ programs and just about shoots the work day for him. He can fix anything from electrical to plumbing, construct with wood and metal, and he’s no stranger to a shovel.

Mike is making the world a better place by providing a place for kids to be treated respectfully, blend with nature, feel comfortable and safe with their leaders and their peers, and where new things and knowledge are absorbed by osmosis.

Mike’s message is, “Listen to your kids. Send them where people communicate with them respectfully and go the extra mile for them. Please remember to donate so that Camp is within reach of all children.”