Kate Walker

Assistant Director

CMR staff since 2002

Kate has been a part of Camp for her entire life! Kate grew up at the Ranch and is a graduate of the Gold Hill Elementary School, Casey Middle School, and Fairview High School. She holds an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from Front Range Community College. She works with Gail in the office, managing accounting, payroll, and supplies. She also drives camp busses and facilitates mountain-driver trainings. Kate is an integral part of the CMR kitchen, training camp cooks, planning menus, and managing various Ranch events throughout the year.

Kate would like to help people of all ages to understand the value that they have in the world. When people feel valued they are more encouraged to make their community a better place and this makes the world a better place for everyone.

Kate’s message to campers and families: “Sometimes to figure out who you are and what you want to do in life you have to get away from it all so you can unwind and unplug. CMR allows children of all ages the chance to escape and be a part of a community of love and understanding.”