Kate Saylor

Gymnastics Director

CMR staff since 2016

Our wonderful Gymnastics Director and occasional Horse Focus Counselor and Challenge Facilitator, Kate will join us for her third summer on staff. Kate also grew up as a CMR camper and CIT. Kate studies biology at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon on the pre-med track and plans to go on to med school!

Kate’s plan to make the world a better place is to help bring health care access to those around the world who are unable to receive the treatment we are so fortunate to have in the US. And of course to continue to spread the love!

Kate is “more excited to be back than a Tasmanian devil at feeding time.” And we’re excited to have her back as well!

Kate’s favorite part of Nature is the ability to unplug and connect to the land. Kate believes that no matter where you are, it’s a little bit different and there is always something new to explore.