Jordan Stonecypher


Staff since 2018

Jordan just graduated from Lynn University with her Bachelor’s in science in Psychology. She is going to apply for grad school in the fall to get her Master’s in Art Therapy, and she is looking forward to getting her PhD in counseling psychology.

Jordan’s plan to make the world a better place is to build spaces for young people in low-socioeconomic neighborhoods to be creative and learn how to be functional members of society.”By giving the youth a place to come after school or during the summer, I hope to help them channel their energy in a positive and creative manner that can help them build an art portfolio later on for college, or even sell their art to save money for college, thus propelling them forward into easily accessible social mobility. Also, by giving the opportunity for this space to be a safe place for all, I hope to allow these communities to become safer and closer, and hopefully eliminating the neighborhood violence they may suffer from.”

Jordan says, “Like a flower, I grow with all beauty that life surrounds me with.” She is excited to grow with you this summer!

Jordan’s favorite part of Nature is the connectedness. “By understanding how dependent each living organism is on one another within the ecosystem, you realize how diverse and intertwined life is.”