Jojo Morrison

Consultant & Staff Trainer

CMR staff since 2003

Jojo grew up in Gold Hill, but has split her time between America and Australia. She received her BA in Women Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has worked for a number of non-profits supporting women and children. She is currently the School Manager at the Gold Hill Elementary School. Jojo has spent the last two years working on her Master's at DU, and has some exciting evolution in her life ahead.

Making the world a better place is easy. It starts with people being themselves. I try to create space where people feel safe and comfortable to be who they really are. Once people are open and honest the possibilities are limitless.

Jojo’s message to campers and families: “The Ranch is the kind of place I wish everyone got to experience. But for kids, it’s especially awesome. Each kid gets to truly be a kid in nature surrounded by a ton of friends and fun. What more could you ask for?!”

Jojo's favorite part of nature is that it never creates waste. Everything that comes from Nature can go back into it and creates more growth and life.