Jack Menard


CMR staff since 2018

Jack is joining us from Feather River College in Quincy, California. He plans to graduate with his Associates degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership, and will further his education by getting his bachelor’s in Outdoor Education from a four-year school. He loves to ski, mountain bike, kayak, raft, and be outdoors. He also loves music and food.

Jack’s plan to make the world a better place is to advocate for the environment. “Simply put, my goal is to continually manage my personal eco-footprint in an effort to minimize my environmental impact.”

Jack says, “I’m as excited for camp as The Packers are ready for next season!”

Jack’s favorite part of Nature is to be immersed in it for long periods of time. “Being in Nature has the power to put me in my place and make me truly reflect on how big our world is. The raw power and beauty that the earth has to offer is out there, you’ve just gotta go out and find it.”