Gail Walker


CMR staff since 1963

Gail has been a part of Camp for her entire life! Gail grew up at the Ranch as the daughter of founders Coach and Norma Walker. Since 1973, she has been one of the family triad of Camp directors who each lend unique perspective to relating to campers, parents, and all CMR operations. As the executive office manager, health care supervisor, and director of purchasing, Gail frequents yard sales and thrift stores to find amazing bargains on needed equipment and supplies as well as lots of fun Western memorabilia and d├ęcor. Her smiles are contagious, and her band-aids and hugs come easily, whether needed or not. She has also worked with Boulder Valley Schools during the school season.

Gail lives by taking one small action at a time. Every single thing you do makes a difference to someone. She encourages children to take responsibility for their actions and work toward becoming leaders. It teaches them to care for others.?

Her words to campers and families are, "Attitude is Everything - Pick A Good One."