Cassidy Gillard

Mountainboarding Director

CMR staff since 2010

Gentle coach Cassidy has been our lead mountainboard instructor since 2010. She loves getting up before anyone else to cook everyone’s breakfast, then heading to the Park to drive campers up the mountain to shred the gnar with the campers every day. During the school year, Cassidy lives in Boulder while working in a Kindergarten Enrichment classroom in Nederland, at Little Bear Preschool in Nederland, and working with children with special needs through the YMCA of Boulder Valley. Cassidy is working on her Special Ed degree and also spends a day each week in the Perch writing her blog - Cassidy’s Canvass, the CMR newsletter, and helping hire staff.

Cassidy’s plan to make the world a better place is to practice and teach kindness, love, and acceptance, and to appreciate and celebrate all of the things that make each of us unique and special.

Cassidy says, “Let’s shred some gnar, roll around in the dirt, and have fun learning and growing together! I love seeing all of your bright, smiling faces!”