Brian Michael


CMR staff since 2001

Bird Man Brian is part of the long-term camp family. After many years away, he now comes back to the Ranch for his annual vacation from the Shreveport Police Department where he commutes by canoe to his patrol on Cross Lake. On the job, he’s wrestled a wayward alligator into the Animal Control van and saved an injured bald eagle during flooding!

At the Ranch, he helps launch each season by driving busses and designing, building, and mounting unique bird houses to maintain the Ranch as a bird sanctuary. Brian’s way of making the world a better place is something he has become famous for here at CMR, to share Peace, Love, and Positive Energy!

Brian wants to let you know that, “I love to enjoy the beauty of CMR with new and returning staff and campers. There is a certain magic about the place, and it is so nice to see others find their own little piece of happiness while here.”