Brandon Hansen


CMR staff since 2015

Another CMR lifer - and now hard working wrangler - Brandon spent his first summer on staff in 2015. He instructed mountain boarding, gymnastics, and discovered his affinity for the corral! Last school year, Brandon lived in Denver attending Metropolitan State University, skiing, slacklining, and exploring the mountains around Gold Hill. Now, he’s off to Hawaii to study!

Brandon’s plan to make the world a better place: “I hope to just be able to leave a tiny mark on the world for the better, meaning either I am the one who makes a difference, or I help someone else on their way to do so (maybe even a camper!)”

Brandon says, “I am so happy when I’m back at Camp because it is the perfect way to re-center yourself before another year of school. Being up at the Ranch always helps me remember to enjoy the little things and not be too overwhelmed by life.”