Guest Comments

"The Ranch has always been a place that I have truly been able to be myself. I looked forward to every summer that I spent there. You trusted and empowered me from a young age. You taught me and helped me develop my independence."
-- Zachary Feldman, Camper Alumni, Staff Alumni, Camper Parent 2016-17-18

"My daughter is like a zen child after 1 day at the CMR. She’s so happy, nothing upsets her."
-- Allyn Harker, Parent

"We are so grateful for your support and love of my son. He really thrives with you all. He comes home everyday from camp, with such happiness and content. It has been incredible to see how much he has grown in your community!"
-- Edica Pacha, Camper Parent, 2015

"At CMR I did things I never knew I could. I learned that I was strong, smarter than I thought, and that I was good at making friends."
-- JP, Camper

"As a career educator, I have been so impressed with the quality of programs offered at Colorado Mountain Ranch. The boys came home full of joy, wonder, music and friendship last summer. I couldn’t have asked for a greater blessing. They are still talking about their amazing experiences with you last year, singing your campfire songs and generally glowing with love for your program. Thank you so much for the opportunity!"
-- Diana, mom to 2017 & 2018 campers

"CMR has been a very important and valuable part of my daughter’s development during these formative years. So many thanks for providing/creating the atmosphere and recruiting the type of people that you do. It really is a great combination!"
-- Robi, Parent of multi-summer camper and 2017 CIT graduate

"Thank you so much for a lovely summer! We ALL love CMR and appreciate the love, adventure, tradition, creativity, activity and care the boys received there. They still fall asleep singing camp songs and sharing stories of the wonderful counselors/ horseback riding/ wildlife/ overnights/ friendships/ jokes and general silliness. You've made a deep and lasting impact on my boys (and I know, countless others). Thank you!"
-- Diana, mom to 2017 & 2018 campers

"To the Whole Team at Colorado Mountain Ranch: Thank you so much for all you do to create such a wonderful and memorable experience for the campers. Quinn has had the time of his life these past two weeks because of all your great work and positive support. I know we are one of so many families that are grateful that CMR will be part of their summer tradition for many years to come. With appreciation & gratitude."
-- Jean Coulter, mom to Quinn & Shea (future camper)

"Their counselor, Kate, has excellent counseling skills. She has been doing amazing with them. Could they be in her group again?"
-- Father of Fruzhi and Blanka from Poland

"I have no doubt that there are many special places on Earth, but in my slice of Earth, CMR is the crown jewel. The spirit of the Earth pulses there."
-- Peg Gillard (parent of two CMR staff members)

"This was my granddaughter's 4th year at camp. She always had a good time, but had trouble making friends. This past year she was diagnosed with high level autism and was put on medication and has counseling. We were concerned that she might not be able to handle camp this year, but she loves it and really wanted to attend. So we crossed our fingers and let her go. The first day I picked her up she got off of the bus with her arm around another little girl, giggling and laughing and so happy. Each day got better and better. The best part was on the last day of camp her mother came to pick her up after a week with me. My daughter looked in the backpack for the yearly note when she read it she started to cry. She said the notes were usually things like "you have an interesting child", "she tries very hard" nothing bad, but nothing glowing.This year it said" Your daughter has such compassion for the shy children. She always made sure they were a part of everything" This was the first good note she had ever received on her daughter. We will be back next year. Thanks!"
-- Camper’s grandmother

"My boys had such an excellent time with you all. Please thank the counselors especially Cassidy for driving and being so patient and DJ for all the horse-based love. They were so happy to ride their favorite horses on their last day! Thank you!"
-- Camper's mom

"I Just wanted to let you know that my time at the ranch were the best weeks of my life. I learned and grew so much in those short weeks because of the life lessons and the outlook on life that is spread through your family and the amazing people I got to work with. I'm blessed for the opportunity you gave me to work at the Colorado Mountain Ranch. I wish everyone nothing but the best this summer. Tell everyone I said hello!!"
-- Michael Longo (staff, 2016)

"My three kids did camp with you all last week and they all loved it. I wanted to say especially thank you for my daughter in horse camp. She stopped riding her horse last year when her dad was thrown and had to have surgery- we sold that horse BTW- but today she asked to ride and got on her horse and went on a trail ride for two hours !! That camp gave her the confidence that she had lost. I would love to sign her up for another week but you guys are all you have a waitlist and if so can I join it online? Thanks again for your great and awesome camp."
-- Jen Anderson (parent, 2017)

"We love the old-time western flavor of the Ranch and Gold Hill. Thanks for everything!"
-- J.W (guest)

"I'm happier at the Colorado Mountain Ranch than any place else!"
-- C.F (repeat guest)

"Your friendly service is the best!"
-- K.N.

"I think you all do a great job. Our wedding was a dream-come-true!"
-- D.R (guest)

"The food was superb. The atmosphere was exceptional. Such a fine afternoon in the mountains. Thanks."
-- T.F. (guest)

"I dont know how to thank you - I can't find the words, but it was more than perfect."
-- G.H (guest)

"Our employees keep talking about the wonderful time they had at the Colorado Mountain Ranch - we will definitely be back next summer!"