Water! Ages 7-15 


Water! Focus Camp is open to all ages, 7-9 year olds, too!

Swim every day!...Each day includes a half-day outing to a local Boulder swimming pool or nearby reservoir, lake or stream.

Cool Lifeguards... Our wranglers might not agree, but we do have the coolest lifeguards and swimming instructors. Extra pool time with their coaching will give you the chance to improve your strokes, style, strength, speed, stamina and water safety.

Become a "Cool" Lifeguard... For those who are motivated to put in the time and effort, we offer a program from the American Red Cross called GuardStart: Lifeguarding Tomorrow. This curriculum builds skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become a responsible lifeguard. The lesson groups include: prevention, fitness, response, leadership and professionalism.


Full-day Water Outings... One day each week will be an all-day outing.  We'll visit lakes for swimming and lake kayaking.

Activity Choices... Round out your days at The Ranch with team-building challenges and group choices from all the activities.

Transportation... is minimized efficiently so that Water! groups travel to and from The Ranch only once each day.)