"Shred the Gnar"
at The Colorado Mountain Ranch

What do you call a snowboard without snow? A Mountainboard, of course! Here at The Colorado Mountain Ranch, you don’t need to wait for snow because dirt never melts! Boarders receive progressive instruction and always use protective safety gear -- helmets, leather gloves, elbow, wrist, and kneepads. No previous experience is necessary. Learn to maneuver at different speeds over varying terrain. Master turns and jumps. Balance and confidence and the thrills grow with practice.


Terrain: The course design project maintains:

  • 3 table tops
  • 4 jumps
  • 2 rhythm sections
  • wall ride
  • tree course

Design:  The full course line is about a 1/4 mile long from the very top to the bottom. The lower segment includes a smooth gradual incline for beginners as well as the most technical portion with it's rhythm sections, table tops, and wicked jumps.  The experienced rider starts at the upper table top which drops into the first rythm section followed by our split-top. This route  then breaks off into two lines, intermediate and advanced. The intermediate line starts from the lower side of the split-top and drops into a small kicker (recently rebuilt  to be more manageable for kids) followed by the last rythm section. The advanced line drops from the upper side of the split-top to our advanced table top followed by a four foot kicker. At the bottom of the main course, there is a wall ride/kicker combo quarter pipe, recently stabilized with an added rail/coping.  There is also another ramp with a grind rail. The open course ends at the beggining of the tree course

Mountain Boarding

Lessons: Instructors start out teaching the basics of mountainboarding such as ride stance, balance, and board control. Next comes the power-slide stop.  As the rider becomes more comfortable, further progressive instruction is based on rider's skill and performance of "ride trials". Ride trials are a series of excercises that accurately judge ability level so that riders continue to build skills and stay safe.

Technical Free-Ride: Mountainboarding in its finest form is called free-ride. Free-riding is all about boarding un-touched terrain on the mountains. During this session, the instructor takes riders off-trail to carve their own path over rough terrain.

  •   Lesson and Ride or Evaluation and Ride - 1-1/2 hours- $35
  •   Equipment Rental - $15

Be sure to come prepared with long pants and closed-toe shoes!