Sherise Brann

CMR staff since 2015

Sherise, wrangler and event creator for overnights, grew up coming to camp and spent her first summer on staff in 2015. She loved being a counselor and instructor just as much as being a camper. Remembering fondly her own horse focus days, she happily serves again as a wrangler for 2017 as she did last summer, too.

Sherise has studied Environmental Policy, Anthropology, and Art at Fort Lewis College in Durango and now at The University of Hawaii at Manoa, on Oahu Island.She’s been enjoying lots of time on the beach and exploring the jungle.She plans to study abroad in Italy in the fall, and graduate next year!

Sherise plans to make the world a better place by by spreading her contagious kindness and happiness. A special interest is studying to improve water quality and researching various cultures’ relationship and connection with water.

Sherise says: “I’m always excited to see new and returning faces and how campers have grown season to season and to spend summers outside in these most beautiful mountains!"