Lauren Massey

CMR staff since 2012

Lauren has been an integral member of the CMR counseling staff since 2012, with her parents leading the way by meeting as CMR counselors years ago. As head wrangler in recent years, her kind personality and keen awareness help her manage the horses and the corral wrangler team. Children love Lauren! Many campers still ask for Lauren to be their counselor.

Lauren teaches first grade in Sabetha, Kansas, and has also become the head high school softball coach. Her team is the first softball team her town has ever had, so she is so excited to play ball!

Lauren’s plan to make the world a better place is to assure that every child knows how to try their best, and to truly enjoy life and all that it has to offer. She intends to spread as much love and kindness as possible, When you meet Lauren, it is easy to feel that love and kindness pouring out of her!

Lauren wants you to know that, “I love all of the amazing campers and getting them riding on our outstanding horses!”