Josie Walker

CMR staff since 2003

Josie has been going to camp for her entire life! Year-round now, she does everything, literally. She assists Mike in maintaining the Ranch, drives the bus and large equipment, consults in various program areas such as Indian Lore and Arts and Crafts, group counsels to the great delight of those in her groups, and took over last summer as the CIT counselor mentoring and camping out with the teen leaders.

During the winter seasons, Josie stays busy taking care of the construction crews and the whole Walker family by keeping them fed, cleaning the kitchen, taking care of the horses, and interviewing and hiring new staff members! She stays up to date by attending motivational events and conferences to expand skills in Camp programming.

Josie plans to make the world a better place by spreading her contagious love and positivity to everyone she meets. Josie’s life motto is, “Whatever it is, it’s only as good or as bad as you think it is. So think greatly, think grandly, think wonderfully, think incredibly, think gratefully, think love, think peace, think joy. And then don’t think at all; just be; just be alive with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.”

Josie says, “I’m super excited about the new opportunities to learn and grow with staff and campers each summer!”