Grace Duda

CMR staff since 2014

Grace, our super-kind baker and kitchen management consultant, helped get the kitchen up and running for the 2016 summer. In 2014, she was a counselor and administrator and returned in 2015 as a kitchen queen. During the school year, Grace is a full time student in Kansas City, Kansas, switching her major from nursing to Elementary Education. Another CMR teacher convert! She also is a nanny for some very lucky kids!

Grace’s mission is “one smile at a time, we can make the world a better place where every child feels safe being their truest self. She wants to

take the kindness that fills her heart and “spread it like the plague! Kindness is always the answer!”

Grace wants you to know that she’s “so excited to be part of the family at CMR because it makes my world go ‘round! I love to visit with new and returning campers, and welcome the new ones."