Elyse Michaels

CMR staff since 2014

Elyse, our super cool CMR counselor of the boys and girls who need someone who can keep up with them, is back with us! During the Camp off-season, Elyse has been alternating between traveling and private nannying. She just loves kids!

Elyse’s plan to make the world a better place is to become the best teacher ever, to be the best she can be, and teach kids to do the same. “Because it doesn't get much better than the best you.” She is an awesome role model whom children look up to.

Elyse wants to tell you that "Camp is the best because it’s where you go to grow and learn. The best way to describe the Colorado Mountain Ranch is to sing our camp song. You’re the best in all the world, yee-haw! I like sharing the experience of a perfect summer with campers and staff members. You cannot possibly believe how excited she is to return this summer. It's all she’s talked about since January 1st. Camp allows me to do the best job in the world!"