Devin Scannell

CMR staff since 2007

Devin, our beloved corral queen and horse focus instructor, teaches during the school year and spends her summers at the Ranch.With her Master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado, she is a Special Education teacher in the St. Vrain Valley School District in Lafayette.

Devin got engaged this fall while riding horses at the Ranch with her great guy Pat. They will be married at the Ranch after summer! For fun, she has spent this fall and winter skijoring - being pulled on cross country skis behind her dog, Bella.

To make the world a better place, Devin lives "each day to its fullest, create art, and try to make life happier for the people and animals around me. I strive to be the best teacher she can be to all my students.”

Devin wants to let you know that “While there’s a lot to be learned in school, as a teacher I realize that sometimes, what kids learn outside of the classroom is even more important than what they can learn within the confines of a classroom. As technology encroaches on more and more areas in our lives and schools, nature becomes increasingly more important. A chance to disconnect and play is important to everyone, whether adult or child.”