Carla Walko

CMR staff since 2016

Carla, CMR wrangler, spends as much time as possible snowboarding, being outdoors, and going on adventures in order to learn about herself and grow. She is working towards becoming an EMT and wishes to pursue a career in the medical field.

Throughout the offseason, Carla has been working in a retirement community as a caregiver. She has also been nannying our own little ones in Boulder, Rosie's Jade and Alanah, .

Carla’s plan to make the world a better place is to look out for the health and safety of people in need.She is pursuing a career in the medical field to be a healer in whatever capacity she can. Her warm smile and positive energy are the perfect tools to get her started!

Carla wants you to know that, “I enjoy meeting lots of new people and being outdoors. I like spending lots of time with kids and seeing how much they learn and have fun. Let’s all do our best to make the most out of every single day, and have fun doing it!”